About Us

I'm a stay at home Catholic mother who has chosen to take up making rosaries alongside my domestic duties. I had many rosaries break on me that I started looking into making my own for myself. This later grew into supplying my local parish with my handmade rosaries. This was mainly inspired through my experience of doing a 33 day Consecration to Jesus through Mary with my husband. Around the same time, I was training to be a Beauty Therapist.

By the end of the consecration I felt in my heart that Mary was strongly urging me to encourage the beauty within the heart of others through the Rosary than promoting physical beauty; of that of make-up, eye-lash extensions etc via my work as a Beauty Therapist. The growth of love and devotion Our Lady has instilled in me towards Christ, through praying the mysteries everyday has been exponential. 

As someone who is chaotic and and hyperactive :') , the opportunity to work with my hands, constantly be thinking about and making rosaries is a great blessing for me. I make my rosaries with a lot of care & love keeping the person who is one day going to own the rosary in mind. Saying prayers of perseverance for them to be able to pray the rosary and through it grow to love Christ as Our Blessed Mother does.

I have named my shop Triumph Rosaries as a nod to Our Lady's Victory in Lepanto & to her apparition at Fatima where Our Lady said ".....In the end, my Immaculate Heart will triumph....". Our motto 'Fiat Voluntas Tua' is the Latin for 'Thy will be done' taken from the Pater Noster (Our Father), as this is how we wish do things at Triumph Rosaries, surrendering everything we do to The Father's Will.

I have other devout Catholic women who collaborate with me sometimes in making some of the items in my shop. We can make customized handmade religious and fashion items for Small businesses, NGOs, Organizations, Churches, Gift shops, weddings, retreats and events.

We also provide rosary making workshops and 1 to 1 workshops for those wishing to start a Catholic accessories business.

We look to be of help to your events and businesses too. We bring a caring, prayerful and motherly approach to everything we do.

Please DM me on Instagram or email for further information.

Ave Christus Rex, Ave Maria.